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The city of Goodyear continues to experience rapid growth, so information collected in the upcoming census could have critical impacts on public policy, funding, and political representation. The goal of the 2020 Census is to count everyone once, only once and in the right place.

KeyChainOfficial Census Day is April 1, 2020. 

Did a federal Census worker come to your door? You can verify their Federal employment status here.

Maricopa County, Goodyear and the Phoenix region are all partnering to bring you regional Census updates through the iCount2020 Campaign. For more information on these efforts, email alerts or text alerts, visit the iCount2020 site (English and Spanish).

Our Goodyear Complete Count Committee

 Meeting March

Goodyear has launched a Complete Count Committee (CCC). This group of Goodyear residents is working to inform fellow neighbors about the upcoming Census. They are from geographically diverse communities; Palm Valley and PebbleCreek in the north, to Canyon Trails, Estrella Vista and historic areas in the heart of town, and up the hill to Estrella and CantaMia in southern Goodyear. You will see us around in our bright yellow vests.

This committee kicked-off in March 2019 and will help raise awareness of and support 2020 Census activities in Goodyear.
  • plan and implement a public education campaign to promote timely Census responses
  • represent your neighborhood in activating and engaging residents around the importance of a complete count
  • ensure all of your neighbors are counted

Meeting May

Community Engagement 

Hop and Hops 🐰 (April 2019)

During the Hop and Hops event, members of the Complete Count Committee hosted their first 2020 Census engagement event. The committee set up a booth utilizing the Goodyear Topics on the Move (T.O.M.) van. The committee had census banners and information boards about the census. In order to build excitement, the committee had a jelly bean guessing contest. The number of jelly beans correlated to the amount of dollars, each person counted in the Census, brings in to the state and local community. The jelly beans were displayed inside of a decorative glass drink dispenser; the winner closest to the correct number won the jar and jellybeans. Between 260 – 340 people visited the Census booth; 87 people used iPads to submit their guess.

IMG_1227 Event2

Star Spangled 4th  (July 2019)

During the Star Spangled 4th, members of your Complete Count Committee mingling with residents and visitors alike. They sported their new brightly colored committee vests and passed out custom "iCount 2020 Goodyear, AZ Count Me In!" key chains and Census 2020 pens. More than 300 key chains were passed out along with several dozen Census pens. Along with the chachkies came great conversations about the 2020 Census; committee members reached between 600-900 people at the Ballpark.StarSpangled1StarSpangled2

StarSpangled3 StarSpangled4

Census Facts:

What is the Census?

  • The Census provides an updated population count.
  • Every 10 years, the government requires the Census be conducted nationwide.
  • The Census is confidential and not shared for law enforcement purposes.
  • Information about particular individuals cannot be released for 72 years.

Why is the Census important?

Where do we begin? Each person counted in the 2020 Census brings in $2,959 to the state of
Arizona and $343 to Goodyear.

  • An accurate population count also allows Goodyear to plan for the future and receive its fair share of:
    • Representation – congressional, legislative and local districts (county districts)
    • Federal tax distribution ($675 billion a year)
    • Census helps fund services such as: transportation, health, housing, federal aid and disaster preparedness.
  • Population (and Census info) also helps attract new businesses. The more the better!
  • The state’s influence in presidential elections is also dependent on the state’s population

How do you complete the Census?

The Census starts April 1, 2020.

  • Online (New!)
    • In March, a postcard will be sent to homes with directions for completing the Census online. If you don’t complete it online during a certain timeframe, Census workers will be notified to come to your home.
  • In-Person
  • Mail
  • Phone

What if I live in more than one city (or have a summer/winter/vacation home)?

  • You can only claim residency at one home.
  • Choose primary residence (6 months + 1 day, or where you rest your head most of the time).
  • Ask yourself where you spend the majority of your time or which place feels like home.

What are the Census questions?

  • Age
  • Ethnicity/Race
  • Gender
  • Rent or own home
  • People living with you (how they are related to you)

Will my U.S. Citizenship be asked?

  • As of June 2019, the Supreme Court stated that the citizenship question will not appear on the 2020 Census.

(Click here for the complete Goodyear fact sheet

Questions on the Census:

Curious about why certain questions are being asked? Click here for more official Census question information.


👀 Keep an eye out for the yellow vests! Our Goodyear Complete Count Committee members are looking to engage neighbors in the Census process - ensuring we get our fair share of Federal and State dollars.💰

For More Information on Goodyear's 2020 Census Efforts


Contact Christian Williams, 623-882-7960 with any local Census questions.