Parks Administration

The Parks Administration manages and oversees the maintenance and care of 17 parks consisting of 223 acres. This division ensures parks are clean, safe, attractive, and functional. Each park is unique in its amenities which include athletic fields, sport courts, picnic areas, open turf, tot lots, swimming pool, splash pad, and off-leash dog areas. The division also oversees parkland acquisition, park planning and park renovation.

 Right-of-Way Administration

The Right-of-Ways Administration Division is responsible for the maintenance and care of over 23 million square feet of city right-of-ways and medians. This includes management and oversight of horticultural, arboreal, and irrigation programs to ensure proper standard of care in providing clean, safe, and attractive city landscaped areas. The Division manages a landscape contract for over six million square feet of right-of-way, City Hall and Goodyear Municipal Complex buildings. The division also oversees and administers the Perryville Inmate Work Program. The division promotes Economic Vitality and Sense of Community by providing beautification and appeal for the city.