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The U.S. Census Bureau ranked Goodyear as one of the fastest-growing cities. Goodyear is a vibrant community with a population of nearly 78,000 residents that enjoy a high quality of life and a strong desire for recreational opportunities. Formal resident surveys indicate maintaining and improving parks and providing recreational services are the top funding priorities for Goodyear residents when it comes to City services. The desire for a community that supports diverse opportunities that promote healthy lifestyles is further supported in the City General Plan (voter-approved November 2014) as well as the Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Space Master Plan (adopted July 2014).

This future park is part of the City Council's vision to offer healthy choices and recreational opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.  This recreation campus will be designed to serve the adjacent neighborhoods while also providing unique amenities for residents city-wide. The campus will serve as the ultimate gathering place for the community to partake in a myriad of activities that foster a sense of community, promote healthy lifestyles (active and passive), and enhance the quality of life. The 86-acre site will be located at the northwest corner of Estrella Parkway and Goodyear Boulevard North. The site is north of Desert Edge High School, adjacent to Basis School with the existing Wildflower Ranch neighborhood to the west and northwest. Convenient and contiguous pedestrian paths and trails will be paramount to ensuring seamless and harmonious connectivity with all surrounding communities. 


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