Governmental Relations Division is responsible for many of the external activities, communications, and programs for the City of Goodyear.  This includes working with regional organizations, other cities, the county, state and federal government. 

We protect the City’s interests in various stakeholder processes and work to resolve City issues with external partners. We develop reports and policy recommendations to the City Management and City Council.

Much of the activity of the Governmental Relations Division is dedicated to tracking, researching, analyzing, and advocating for or against legislation at the state and federal level. 

Each year, we work with Mayor and Council to establish a State and Federal Legislative agenda for the upcoming sessions. The Legislative Agenda establishes priorities and guiding principles for the upcoming year. 

Click Here to see the 2018 Legislative Agenda. 

In Goodyear, we believe that citizen involvement and participation is vital to effective government on every level. 

To help our residents stay informed and involved, we have provided some information and resources about both our state and federal government.