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Water Distribution Division delivers safe drinking water to customers in the City of Goodyear service area.  Distribution and delivery to customers is achieved through a network of underground pipes called distribution system. The pipes varies in size from 4 to 30 inch in diameter and convey water from the pumping facility to the customers tap. The distribution system has approximately 308 miles of main. The Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all city owned fire hydrants, water mains and service lines. This includes the reading of water meters and Blue stakes.



Water Production Division is responsible for the extraction and treatment of water from the City's underground water source, ensuring that it meets environmental quality standards, and storing it in order to meet the daily demands for water by customers in the City of Goodyear service area.   The City’s drinking water supply is 100% ground water. Production and treatment is achieved through the operation and maintenance of 12 ground water wells, 4 treatment facilities, and 10 reservoirs and pumping facilities.




(190 N. Litchfield Rd.):

Customers can start utility service by submitting the Online Utility Application

Customers can stop utility service by submitting the Online Stop Service Form


(Bill Payments, Account Questions or Changes, etc.):

Customers needing to pay a utility bill or have questions about a utility account must contact the City of Goodyear Utilities Division at 623-882-7887 or by email

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